March 30, 2006

With Terry's family, in Wichita Falls, TX

Mom's living room/kitchen. Mike (my brother) and his latest (Pam) are doing the KP while Mom and Marina "catch up."

March 21, 2006

Lavonia State Park, near Dallas, TX

This sunset watch was part of an evening walk, while we waited for some warranty work on Sil and to catch up with Terry's old and close friend, Van (our Kayak Man).

March 05, 2006

At Bastrop, near Austin, TX

Karen's wonderful home, where we spent a week (w/Sil parked in her front yard) -- w/multiple visits to Whole Foods (and other choice places in and around Austin). Had a GREAT party w/Terry's sister Susan and friends!

March 03, 2006

And to the beautiful Austin, TX

FINALLY, we got to explore a small bit of Austin (after a short side-trip to Houston to visit some of Terry's friends.) The old castle is a house where Terry lived back in the late 60's. LOTS of memories!